Thursday, November 13, 2014

KIPP Staff Accosted at Gunpoint; School Faces Bomb Threat

According to multiple sources, multiple KIPP staff were held up last week at gunpoint as they arrived at the school.  According to those sources, the staff members arrived to the KIPP campus on foot when the alleged assailant appeared and pulled the gun on them.  Also, according to the sources, the HWHPD is investigating the situation.

Another set of sources reported that the emergency personnel responded to the school yesterday to investigate a bomb threat.  Apparently, no explosives were found.

For years, the well-oiled public relations machine backed by big dollars at the quasi-private charter school has marketed itself by saying it is safe and falsely implying that the public schools were not.  These incidents show that is not the case  and give parents yet another reason to choose HWHSD over the charter school.

Given the charter school's reputation for controlling the flow of information from inside its walls, it makes one wonder what incidents we haven't heard about.

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