Saturday, August 23, 2014

CHS Fans Donate to Grace Community Food Pantry

City Treasurer Patrick Roberson accepts CHS's donation to the food pantry from
School Board President Andrew Bagley and Asst. Principal Earnest Simpson, III
At the annual intrasquad game, Cougar Nation donated 349 cans of food and $54.50 to the Grace Community Food Pantry.  This is the second consecutive year that Cougar Fans have made a significant contribution to the work of the food pantry.

CHS Athletic Director Russell Smith said it is important for the school to participate in projects that help the community.  He said, "Many of the families that we serve probably utilize the service of the food pantry and it is important that we teach our students to help those in need.  Mr. Simpson and I sat down and felt like this was an excellent opportunity for Central High School and its supporters to engage our Cougar Family in helping others."

Earnest Simpson, CHS Assistant Principal, echoed those sentiments saying, "Central High School has some of the most generous people in this community.  We also serve some of the most at-risk families in our community who truly need help.  It seemed like a natural community service project for the school and our fans to focus on gathering a donation of food for the Grace Food Pantry at our annual intrasquad game."

City Treasurer Patrick Roberson, a volunteer for the food pantry said, "We are so appreciative of the support we received from Central High School and Cougar Fans this year.  It is a pleasure to work with Mr. Simpson, Coach Smith, and Andrew Bagley (School Board President) on this project.  Our community has some of the best people you can find and tonight's donation from Cougar Fans is just another example of that.  I wish the Cougars the best on the upcoming football season as well.

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