Sunday, June 22, 2014

HWHSD Making Major Technology Upgrades

The Helena-West Helena School District is investing in technology upgrades over the summer that will place it in the upper echelon of school districts in the state in terms of technology capacity.

The project, being paid for out of NSLA funds with restricted uses, will greatly benefit the district and position it well for the instruction required in the digital age.  Superintendent Suzann McCommon said, "Our school district will now have excellent network access and capacity in every classroom.  Very few districts will be able to compare with what we will have when this project is finished."

The project will result in an increase of over 400% of hard wired Ethernet connections available in each classroom.  Also, the wifi network capacity in each classroom will also be drastically improved. 

School Board President Andrew Bagley was particularly excited about the project.  He said, "With all tasks in society requiring some use of technology, it is important that our students become familiar with using these devices daily.  Instruction is requiring more incorporation of technology in the classroom.  All of the testing is moving online.  In fact, we were one of the pilot districts for online testing this year and our network performed admirably prior to these upgrades, which is a testament to our leadership, our technology staff, and the assistance of technology personnel from the Great Rivers Service Cooperative."

Bagley continued, "This is just another example of great things are happening every day in HWHSD.  Our school district is moving in a positive direction and the people of this community can have confidence supporting us in our efforts to continue moving forward.  Parents can feel confident enrolling their children in our schools.  It's an exciting time to be a Cougar."


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