Monday, July 29, 2013

Cougars Beat KIPP on College Dropout Rate; Marvell and Barton Beat KIPPsters Too

Cougars Do Better At College Than KIPPsters
Great work from the Arkansas Times for mining recent data from the Arkansas Department of Education and for their analysis of the numbers on students who received state scholarships and their dropout rates from college that showed students from Helena-West Helena Central, Barton, and Marvell High Schools outperformed the students at the quasi-private KIPP.

Great news and further confirmation of what contributors to this blog have said all along.  Great things are happening in our public schools in this city and county, and parents can have confidence enrolling their children in the public schools.  The notion that the local charter is any better than our public schools is utter nonsense built upon an effective public relations house of cards.

The dropout rates for college students from the schools receiving state scholarships for the classes of 2011 and 2012 were:  KIPP's college dropout rate was 71.43%.  Marvell's was 65.22%.  Barton's was 27.78%, and Central's was 54.41%.  This announcement comes on the heels of it being revealed that KIPP was on probation from the Arkansas Department of Education for "transcript irregularities" that included not teaching all of the state-required courses to its graduates.

Hooray for our public schools and hooray for the teachers that sent students to college equipped to pass.

And, as always, GO COUGARS! And congratulations to the Bears and Mustangs too!

Here is the entire story from the Arkansas Times which also details how charters in other places are cooking the books:

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