Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KIPP On Academic Probation; HWHSD In Good Standing

The Arkansas Department of Education has determined that the Helena-West Helena School District had no accreditation violations, while the KIPP Schools have been placed on probation by the Arkansas Department of Education.

KIPP committed several "transcript violations."  Among them were graduating students without all of the state-required credits and for counting some credits that didn't meet the state requirements for some courses.    KIPP's high school was the only high school in the county to be placed on academic probation by the Arkansas Department of Education.

If there are future violations, KIPP risks losing its state accreditation and possibly the charter that allows it to operate.  Transcript violations are a very serious violation.  The probation comes on the heels of a tough school year for the quasi-private charter school on the east side.  The high school, in addition to the transcript violations, also had police respond to students in possession of pot where a weapon was allegedly found.

However, it was all good news for the schools in the Helena-West Helena School District.  The district has no schools on probation and is fully accredited with no citations.  The district has been making steady improvements in a wide variety of areas in the past couple of years.  This is just one manifestation of the progress the district has been making and shows that parents can have confidence sending their children to the public schools.

Both the Barton and Marvell School Districts were also fully accredited with no violations as well.

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