Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Governor, I Quit - Shoffner Resigns

No more money stuffed in pies for Arkansas State Treasurer Martha Shoffner. Earlier today, she penned the following to Governor Beebe:

"Dear Governor Beebe, It is with great sadness that I tender my resignation of the office of Treasurer of the State of Arkansas. I am proud to have been elected by and to have served the people of the State of Arkansas and regret that I can no longer perform the duties and responsibilities owed to the public. Please accept this resignation effective 5 p.m. today's date, May 21, 2013."

Shoffner, as recently as Saturday took $6,000.00 in $100 dollar bills stuffed inside a pie from a Little Rock deli. She received the last two installments of pie at her home in Newport, Arkansas. She was arrested Saturday, the bribe money was found in her kitchen in a cigarette pack. She was jailed through Monday and has now decided to resign her elected office.

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