Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Willis administration receives first audit report

The Legislative Joint Auditing Committee has released the 2011 audit report for the City of Helena-West Helena. The audit represents the first report under the Willis Administration. The report made findings as follows:

* The City had expenditures of $221,038.00 that were not properly bid as required by State law.
* The Mayor operated the City without a budget until November 8, 2011.
* The City general fund had a negative balance of $1,646,468.00.

There were multiple violations of state law noted including "a lack of management oversight" permitting noncompliance with Municipal Accounting Law.  Improper disbursements to employees were found in the Police Department, Sanitation Department, and Parks Department.  Mayor Willis appeared before the committee and was praised in spite of spending nearly 2 million dollars beyond revenue as well as operating without a budget for the majority of the year.

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