Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shirey Forces KIPP Forfeit Because KIPP Students Cheered

Scott Shirey
KIPP Dictator Scott Shirey
According to sources contacted by The Inside Scoop Online,  KIPP School Chief Scott Shirey forced his Jr. High team to forfeit a game in progress Friday against Nemo Vista.  The reason was unbelievable.  The KIPP players and students apparently hollared "Miss It" while the opposing team was shooting free throws, a practice almost as old as organized basketball itself.

According to the sources who asked not to be identified, KIPP players and fans hollared "miss it" while the Red Hawks were shooting free throws.  At that point, Shirey stopped the game and forced his team to forfeit, depriving both sets of fans from watching the student-athletes and depriving parents of the opportunity to watch their children.  Nemo Vista fans made a three hour drive to watch their kids play.

Shirey's actions, in addition to being unorthodox, unfair, and uncalled for, also appear to be a violation of the rules in the Arkansas Activities Association Handbook.  Rule 5 off the Handbook reads as follows: 

A. Scheduled contests among members of the association 
shall be covered by contracts drawn up on regular AAA 
contract forms.  Contracts may be cancelled only upon 
mutual agreement in writing between the two schools 
NOTE:  An exception to this requirement may be made by 
the Executive Director when it is determined that a schedule 
change is necessary for a school to be in compliance with a 
change of rules and regulations adopted by the Governing 
Body.  Contractual agreements exceeding one year shall be 
limited to and shall coincide with reclassification cycles. 
B. A school canceling a game or contest without mutual 
consent shall: 
 1.   forfeit the game,  
 2.   pay the stipulated forfeiture fee of the contract,  
 3.   reimburse the other involved school for all reasonable      
   financial obligations incurred in their preparation for the  
   scheduled contest.   
The school canceling a contract without mutual agreement 
may not schedule another contest during the week 
prescribed in the contract that was canceled.  All forfeitures 
and reimbursements shall be made within thirty (30) days 
following the designated contract date canceled.  Failure to 
make such payment may cause the school to be penalized 
by suspension. 

Clearly, this was not a mutually agreed upon cancellation.  It is unfortunate that Mr. Shirey chose to go off of the reservation and penalize his kids for showing school spirit and cheering while also embarrassing this community by causing the fans from Nemo Vista to drive three hours and  not to get to see one of their teams play.  Reportedly, KIPP parents associated with the team are upset.  It will also be interesting to see if this is reported in The Helena World.

In closing, this attitude from Shirey reflects an egotistical and dictatorial approach to dealing with his constituents.  Perhaps it is time those constituents return home to the public schools in Helena-West Helena and Barton.  

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