Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mayor Willis's Parks Director Facing Sex Charges With Underage Girl

HELENA-WEST HELENA- According to information received by The Inside Scoop Online, law enforcement officials arrested Helena-West Helena Parks and Recreation Director Anthony "King Deuce" Banks on two felony counts of sexual assault, one felony count of abuse of authority, and an additional count of indecent exposure.  One of the sexual assaults is alleged to have occurred with an underage girl.

Banks:  Busted on Sex Charges
According to law enforcement officials who asked not to be identified because they did not have permission to talk about the case, Banks was arrested today on a warrant signed by District Judge Jesse "Rusty" Porter and appeared before Judge Porter for a Rule 8 hearing, which is similar to an arraignment.  According to the information obtained by The Inside Scoop Online, Banks was escorted throughout much of the process by Mayor Arnell Willis, who ignored similar allegations against Banks earlier in his administration.  Those allegations involved a 12-year old girl.

These allegations involve one girl who is underage and one lady who has reached the age of consent.  The abuse of authority charge would suggest that at least one of the encounters involved Banks's official role as director of the Parks and Recreation Director.  At this writing, Banks has not been fired by Mayor Arnell Willis and remains the Director.  Sexual Assault is a Class C felony.  The abuse of authority charge is a Class D Felony.  Both are punishable by substantial jail time.

Mayor Willis:  Standing by Molesting Man?
Banks has been a part of Mayor Willis's inner circle since at least the 2010 campaign.  Banks was a high profile campaign worker who hauled lots of voters during early voting and was apparently rewarded with a job as the Parks and Recreation Director, supervising programs involving children within days of Willis taking office.  Willis appointed him to this important position working with kids despite having a previous criminal history.  There is also a belief the Banks is receiving favorable treatment in this case since others facing similar charges are sitting in jail while awaiting their trial while Banks was released on his own recognizance without even having to post bail.

The general public will now await further action by Prosecuting Attorney Fletcher Long and Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Todd Murray, who now have the responsibility of taking these charges to trial and not sweeping these serious charges under the rug.

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