Tuesday, December 11, 2012

KIPP Forfeits Again; Didn't Leave Early Enough To Be On Time

KIPP Basketball can't seem to catch a break these days.  First, it was a forfeit because their kids cheered.  Now, the team didn't leave the school soon enough to make it to their game in LR Tuesday night.  The team bus got caught in the traffic caused by construction on Interstate 40 which has been present for months.  The construction has caused miles long backups on Interstate 40 and backups on the two-lane detour on U. S. Highway 70.

According to this publication's sources, the school apparently did not make allowances for the construction and make plans for the bus to leave early enough to make the game.  Apparently, some KIPP parents arrived at the game only to find out their team didn't make it and that the game had been cancelled.  Since this construction issue had been present for months, it is difficult to understand how this could have occurred.  

This inexcusable forfeit comes on the heels of KIPP Director Scott Shirey forcing a forfeit of a Jr. Girls game against Nemo Vista because the KIPP students shouted "Miss It" while Nemo Vista shot free throws.  

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