Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LinkedIn Network Updates, 10/23/2012

Network Updates, Oct 16 - Oct 23
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Andrew Bagley is now connected to Yahya Al-wadhaf
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Prasad Choudhari http://lnkd.in/xae42z
There's no quit in Michael Porter
He has influenced more executives - and more nations - than any other business professor on earth. Now, at 65, he and an all-star team aim to rescue the U.S. economy. By Geoff Colvin, senior...
Umashankar Adha Yet am waiting for USCIS update on my case...............am not sure how long I have to wait
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Khalid Azam - Senior Eclipse RCP/Application Developer JVM Monitor
1. Getting Started
To view the currently running JVMs on local host: Note: If you cannot find any JVMs on JVM Explorer, see FAQ. Note: Alternatively you can start monitoring JVM by double-clicking JVM on JVM Explorer. To stop monitoring JVM,...
Chris Bradley http://lnkd.in/SwWkuQ
Corporate Attacks Hint Of A Coming 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' - Forbes
Hackers have already unleashed World War III in World of Warcraft, killing the avatars of thousands of innocent gamers. Is the real world next? Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta thinks so. In a speech Thursday night he declared...
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