Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HWH Civil Service Commission authorizes emergency police hires

The Helena-West Helena Civil Service Commission has by unanimous vote authorized the Helena-West Helena Police Department and Chief Uless Wallace to hire additional police officers on an emergency basis.  Chief Wallace reported to the Commission and City Council that the department had been losing trained and certified officers to better paying positions in other towns and communities.  Wallace reported that the ability to replace the officers has been slowed by a lack of applicants who can pass the examination currently administered by the Civil Service Commission.  The Commission granted Wallace's request to temporarily take on officers who had not passed the examination.  Emergency hires are allowed by Arkansas Law.  The Commission declined to grant Wallace's request to lower the current required passing score of 70 to 60.  Temporary hires may be maintained for a period of 60 days and then extended if deemed necessary by the Commission.

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