Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Willis Resumes Lay-Offs and Terminations

City Clerk Sandi Ramsey has just recently informed members of the city council that several people were laid off at the direction of Mayor Arnell Willis. Many questions are swirling around this story and more information should come soon. It is not apparent from the list whether the mayor is laying off person's from the "former administration," under performers or unneeded staff. 

Here's the text of the message sent by Mrs. Sandi Ramsey:

Per your request to be advised, the following persons were laid off effective today:

Street Dept.
Calvin Smith - full time mechanic/truck driver
Melvin Bradley - part time laborer
Marquila Kones - part time laborer in box shop
Trent Wilson - full time mechanic

Sanitation Dept.
Andrew Stewart - part time laborer
Calvin Holder - full time laborer - box shop
Eddie Jimmerson, Jr. - part time laborer
Tyrone Collins - full time equipment operator

No word has been given on whether these people can appeal to the city council or if they have such a desire. 

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