Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bagley Will Not Refile for City Council

HELENA-WEST HELENA-In the aftermath of Judge Richard Proctor’s ruling declaring the filing period contained in the city’s municipal codebook invalid, Andrew Bagley has announced that he will not refile in the filing period ordered by the judge which ends August  17.

Bagley said, “First, I would like to thank those who signed my petition to allow me to run.  I appreciate their willingness to let me stand as a candidate for the Helena-West Helena City Council.  While I was looking forward to a spirited debate about the future course of our city with incumbent Alderman Larry Brown, it is not personally prudent for me to refile at this time.  I wanted to make this announcement with enough time left before the judicially-mandated deadline of August 17 for those that believe in my philosophies and positions to find a new candidate."

Bagley added that he will not rescind his previous filing.  He said, “In the event that there are further legal developments, I am leaving my previous filing in place.  If there are future legal developments that were to result in the previous filing period being held valid, I will mount the campaign I originally planned.  I believed that the filing period contained in the codebook was approved properly.  Subsequent research has shown me that the minutes reflect that the codebook was passed unanimously with an emergency clause, which would have meant immediate effect without publication.  However, I respect the judicial system and will abide by its rulings.”

He continued, “We would not have these controversies if aldermen would simply read what they are passing.  Unfortunately, too many were preoccupied with drawing a gerrymandered map to protect their own political interests and missed reading these important provisions of the codebook they voted to pass.”

Bagley closed by saying that he will continue to work to make the community a better place.  He said, “I have always believed that to whom much is given, much is expected.  God has blessed me immensely, and he has done it many times through people, institutions, and events in this community.  I love this town.  I intend to continue to work to make our community better, particularly through my volunteer efforts with the HWH Booster Club in the Helena-West Helena School District.  Again, I want to thank my supporters and those who signed my petition.  There will be future opportunities to serve, and I look forward to those.”

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