Monday, June 11, 2012

LinkedIn Network Updates, 6/12/2012

Network Updates, Jun 5 - Jun 12
Updates from Your Extended Network
Connect with them to see what they're up to
Ryan Carmichael
Gartner Identifies Organizational Implications of the Rise of Mobile...
Daniel Morrow New video from a visit with Honey Bee Bakery
Farm To Menu | Honey Bee Bakery
Alex Alayssh, PMP
Oracle Introduces Corporate Cloud to Challenge Salesforce
Khalid Azam ( Open network Eclipse RCP : Menus Extension Mapping
Menus Extension Mapping
Menu placement is covered by menuContributions. In 3.3M5 action sets generate and activate contexts with the same id. Definition decisions will be made in .3.M6 The viewerContribution targetID is part of the menuContribution...
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