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LinkedIn Network Updates, 6/04/2012

Network Updates, May 28 - Jun 4
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Andrew Bagley is now connected to Harmony KALB
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Cory Hymel So true.
Chrystia Freeland | Analysis & Opinion |
Douglas Starnes #MongoDB is for real! :)
Robert Amy This was a brilliant move by Google. The Enyo framework is very slick, and powerful. Personally, I use a WebOS tablet to check email, and surf. Their browser is HTLM5 compliant. I also use ICS 4.0, and I would them to skin the OS with this framework. All the Google stuff works. It just needs a GUI face lift. I got excited when I started using Google TV with Plex, let my local servers cache some content. If this is executed properly, I have no reason to use my Apple TVs. Let me place one TV capture card on a inexpensive Linux box, and capture all the over the air content and stream everything.
HP’s core webOS Enyo team defects, heads for Android
Read 'HP's core webOS Enyo team defects, heads for Android' on Digital Trends. It's rumored that core members of the WebOS Enyo team have defected and now...
Timothy Christensen shared via Flipboard
50 million Americans living in poverty
Here's a stag­ger­ing num­ber: Almost 50 mil­lion peo­ple in this coun­try live in pover­ty, some 16 per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion. And some six mil­lion peo­ple sur­vive on food stam­ples only. That puts Amer­i­ca, one of the rich­est nations i...
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