Monday, May 7, 2012

Top news today: Keep the Boss Happy: 8 Rules

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Keep the Boss Happy: 8 Rules - Eight simple rules to make certain that your boss appreciates your contribution. If you are the boss, you'll want to share this column with your team because it will make your job a heck of a lot easier.
LinkedIn Tops The Forbes Fast Tech 25: Our Annual List Of Growth Kings - Based on average growth over the last three years, our current champion is the career-oriented social network LinkedIn. Its revenue rose 115% over the last 12 months and, like Apple’s, is accelerating. Its shares are up 144% since its IPO a year ago.
You’ll never believe how LinkedIn built its new iPad app (exclusive) - Guess how much of LinkedIn's new iPad app is actually mobile web and not native. Go ahead -- guess. We've had a lot of fun asking people to guess this over the past couple days. They'll start with 40 percent and edge up to 70...
FBI reportedly pressing for backdoor access to Facebook, Google - Investigators at the FBI supposedly aren't happy that social networks like Facebook or Google+ don't have the same kind of facility for...
Windows XP holding on as dominant OS - XP's share dipped slightly in April, but the decade-old operating system still reigns over Windows 7 as the top desktop platform. Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Internet & Media.
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