Thursday, April 19, 2012

WMC TV Reports Same Day Marriages in Mississippi Starting Soon

(WMC-TV) - Starting this summer, a couple can say "I do" the same day they apply for a Mississippi marriage license.
Critics are concerned the fast track nuptials will turn the state into a haven for quickie weddings like Las Vegas.
"A lot of people, they run off to Las Vegas to do that, but I think Mississippi should have more morals and think about your marriage more," said Danielle McCool.

After Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed the bill into law Wednesday, couples can say I do without a 3 day wait for their marriage license.
The law also allows couples to forgo blood testing for syphilis.
Billie Applegate's son is getting married this weekend in Alabama.

"They're going tomorrow to get their marriage license to get married the next day," Applegate said.
Applegate said that her son and future daughter-in-law have had difficulties being off work at the same time to get their paperwork filed together. She believes the new law could make it more convenient for couples in similar positions.
Some said the decision should be up to the future Mr. and Mrs.
"I think it gives people the freedom to be married quickly if they say let's do it today, I've got to go to the military tomorrow, anything could happen, it gives people the option," said Mark Chambers.
Others worry that removing the waiting period will make it easier for couples to rush into marriage.
"Marriage is supposed to be for forever and nowadays people are getting married and divorced within a couple of days," McCool said.
Even though the law may allow for quicker marriages, Chambers doubts the state will become a hotspot for couples looking to elope.
"I don't think people are going to really travel here from other states with that intent to get married overnight," Chambers said.
A spokesman for one Tunica casino told us he is not aware of any discussions for Vegas-style weddings in the Tunica resort area.

The new law will not go into effect until July 1.
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