Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ward and Johnson Reportedly in Stable Condition

MEMPHIS, TN --- The Helena West Helena Police Department has been in touch with the medical facility treating Mr. Ward and Mr. Johnson. Both men, while seriously injured, are reportedly stable.

Mr. Ward was attacked in his home on Hawkins Street on Saturday night. The attacker stole goods from the home and took Ward's vehicle. HWHPD reportedly chased a vehicle which turned out to be the wrong vehicle.

Ward suffered shots to his face which have reportedly left him with a broken jaw and broken bones in his neck.

Johnson was shot three times in the vicinity of Miracle Temple Church in the 200 Block of South Coanza Street. This event is highly uncharacteristic for that particular block. Many of this community's neighborhoods change character from block to block in large part because of rental properties and the occupants. Mr. Johnson is also "doing well" under the conditions.

The HWHPD is still investigating both of these incidents and we will update you upon receipt of public information.

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