Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sheriff's Debate Today PC Courthouse

HELENA-WEST HELENA, AR. --- Candidates for the Office of Sheriff and Tax Collector of Phillips County, Arkansas will sit down at 4:00 p.m. today for a discussion of their qualifications, skills, ideas, and experiences necessary to manage crime and tax collection in Phillips County.

The Candidates, Ray Foran, Robert Ford, David Lawman, Fred Smith, Daniel Strickland and Wayne Webb, have not shown any fundraising prowess. David Lawman has raised the largest sum of money and that is less than $2,000.00. Ray Foran has spent the largest sum of money which is just over $6,000.00. The other candidates have not file reports with the Office of the County Clerk, as required by law. That means that the candidates have neither raised nor spent more than $500.00 on this campaign.

Foran and Lawman have both loaned their campaigns money.

The Hosts of the Inside Scoop, Andrew Bagley, Don Etherly and James Valley will be directing the questions to the candidates. The public is able to participate by sending questions to debate@insidescooponline.com or by submitting written questions at the debate.

The debate is expected to last between an hour and one-half and two hours. The candidates will be give a short period for opening statements and closing statements. Between opening and closing there will be questions fielded to the candidates on a rotating basis with each candidate being given an opportunity to respond.

Personal attacks will be discouraged.

The debate will be recorded and delay broadcast at 8:00 p.m. tonight on KJIM FM 94.5 and via the internet at http://www.kjiwfm.com.

The public is encouraged to attend the debate. It will take place in the large courtroom (north end) on the 2nd Floor (which is the 3rd level) of the Phillips County Courthouse, 620 Cherry Street, Helena-West Helena, AR 72342.

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