Sunday, April 22, 2012

Malcolm Johnson Shot In South Coanza Vicinity

HELENA-WEST HELENA, AR--- Malcolm Johnson has reportedly been shot approximately three times in the vicinity of South Coanza. Malcolm is said to be the brother of Milton "Bump" Johnson.

The 200 Block of South Coanza is generally quiet. It is the home to Alice W. Valley, Artis Williams, Arthur "Coal Oil" Harris, Elijah Brider, Miracle Temple Church and Severa Tate. However, Mr. Elijah Brider was awakened tonight by a man beating on his house at 217 South Coanza pleading for help from Brider and the Lord. 

Malcolm Johnson had been shot approximately three times by a currently unnamed assailant. Johnson was pleading for help. Helena-West Helena Police Department responded in full force with nearly 12 cars on the scene including Police Chief Uless Wallace and Assistant Chief Ronald Scott. Detective Michael Thomas, Corporal Margaret Koss and Captain Mike Reyna could be seen giving assistance to Johnson and encouraging him to hold on until the ambulance service arrived. Detective John Bailey, Captain Carl Vann and others were on the scene to provide law enforcement assistance.

Out of apparent frustration, Chief Wallace was heard to tell Office Chris Hellums to go "find" the ambulance service and "show them" where we are. Soon after Hellums departure, he returned with the ambulance in tow. It is not known from where the ambulance service traveled or what other obligations Pafford Ambulance service had. However, it is clear that everybody was anxious because the arrival appeared to be taking much too much time.

Officers on the scene did not provide reports on Johnson's condition. However, paramedics did not seem to be in a "hurry." We can only hope that such inaction means that the gunshot wounds was perhaps superficial. 

Upon receiving any updates, we will provide additional information to you.

Update: 11:15 p.m. --- HWHPD informs us that "Malcolm Johnson has been shot at least three times to night and was flown to the Med."

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