Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HWHSD Kindergarten Leads State on Iowa Test; KIPP Lags Behind Barton and Barely Ahead of HWHSD

HELENA-WEST HELENA-Kindergarten students in the Helena-West Helena School District led the entire state of Arkansas on the most recent Iowa Test of Basic Skills, scoring in the 96th percentile band.  Barton's Elementary and High School outpaced KIPP, which was only slightly ahead of Beechcrest and West Side Elementary.

Synetra Morris
Helena-West Helena's scores were listed under Woodruff Elementary, which closed this past year as part of a financial restructuring.  Synetra Morris, who remains a teacher in the HWHSD, was the principal of that campus last fall.  The scores from Woodruff not only lead the state, but were in the top four percent of the country.  Beechcrest Elementary scored in the 43rd percentile nationally, which put it ahead of KIPP Delta College Prep and slightly behind two other KIPP schools, which came in at the 48th and 47th percentiles.  Marvell Primary School also placed ahead of KIPP Delta Collegiate with a 43rd percentile score as well.  Westside Elementary was very close to those scores, coming in at the 40th percentile band.

The schools in the Barton Lexa School District also ranked very high as well, outscoring two of the highly touted KIPP Academies on this test and tying the third.  Barton Elementary School scored in the 62nd percentile band, which outscored all of the KIPP schools.  Barton's High School was in the 48th percentile, which tied it with KIPP Delta Elementary and ahead of KIPP Delta College Prep and KIPP Delta High School.

The scores on these tests show the traditional public schools in Phillips County comparing well against the highly touted KIPP Academies as well as against most of the other public schools in the state.  Contrary to the belief of some, the public schools in Phillips County are providing education at a level that, while it can be improved on, compares well against the competition.

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