Tuesday, January 3, 2012

City Council Meets Tonight -- Pay Raises Recommended

Helena-West Helena--- The Helena-West Helena City Council will meet tonight at 6:00 p.m. for its first regular meeting of the year 2012. The 2012 Budget will likely be the main focus. Tonight's meeting is dubbed an organizational meeting where the city council membership sets rules for governance and operation.

Interestingly, reports are rampant that certain persons are getting pay raises while other long time servants are being told that the city is without sufficient funding to grant them pay raises. Additionally, two department heads, who were the focus of much antagonism in 2011, are slated to get about $15,000.00 in pay raises.

On other financial business, there is apparently an internal fight between and amongst council members regarding the Education Incentive Pay which is being received by three council members and two judges. The 2009-2010 city council cut those payments from employees however, it seems, left them intact for the elected officials because elected officials salaries could not be reduced. However, after taking that action, the council approved of then Alderman John A. Washington receiving $900.00 per year as education pay for his Associates Degree earned at Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas. That might mean that the education incentive pay remains in place for new council members and that Alderman Larry Brown, Alderman Monica Davis, Mayor Arnell Willis, City Attorney Chalk Mitchell and City Treasurer Patrick Roberson are each entitled to the benefits of their education. 

Who knows what will happen? Eddie Clark is the lead proponent of the charge to pay all council members equally. Attend or listen to the meeting tonight to see or hear what happens. 

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  1. Did you actually read what you wrote? Or are you just trying to make yourself look ignorant?