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Mondy In His Own Words: Setting the Record Straight


Elijah Mondy
From the Desk of Elijah Mondy:
Ladies & Gentlemen:
This issue has now spread statewide in the news and may continue to spread. I want to make sure of the right perspective and that the record is straight regarding my opinion.

I have sent only one e-mail to the current Pine Bluff school Superintendent with the hope that he would share it with the school board. I did not have e-mail addresses of the school board members. In school districts the superintendent is at the mercy of the school board. If you have a board that does a lot of micro-managing, it can be a real serious problem. I do not know whether or not the Pine Bluff Superintendent had a chance to read my e-mail. I did alert his secretary that I was sending him an important e-mail. Also, I did complain to the previous Pine Bluff superintendent about the immoral, sexually pervasive routines on display from the band and dance team and he did address this and the activity diminished some, but now it seems to be flaring back up.

This issue is not just about the Pine Bluff School District but all school districts that may be slipping into this type of sexually provocative activity in it's sports entertainment. In this case, as a black man, I am dealing with this provocative activity that is pervasive at many of our black educational institutions, including our high schools and colleges during sporting events. I am now also addressing this over the airways on our radio network.

While producing the broadcast of a football game recently, I became vexed in my spirit of what I saw by the high school dancers and bands.  Many of those in the stands and the public address announcer's participation was alarming as well. This type of immoral entertainment and spirit on display feeds into a negative stereotype of years ago about blacks, which is why some white leaders then did not want to integrate the schools. Those leaders claimed that blacks were prone to immoral activity and behavior and would corrupt or contaminate the white students with these if the schools were integrated. Black educational institutions, by tolerating this, are confirming the racial stereotypes of those white leaders from out of the past.

In the wake of negative stereotypes of blacks in the movies and other entertainments during the decades of the 30s,40s,and 50s, etc., concern and encouragement on the part of black leaders during the late sixties were to circumvent this and stress the the importance of not degrading our black women and to make institutions and individuals accountable regarding this. There was an emphasis to honor and respect the black woman and this was an important key to the success of the black man. Those who degraded the black woman, especially other blacks were to be in some way ostracized.

Now as we have entered into the new millennium we have gone completely backward. Our black girls in many black educational institutions at the high school and college levels are indeed being degraded. They are being conditioned to be "hoochie mamas."  Through their high school bands, dancers, and entertainment, particularly at sporting events, many of the black educational institutions cooperating with the entertainment industry are breeding and promoting a "hoochie mama" mentality.

When you see at our educational sporting event our young black girls and guys performing very sexually provocative dances spreading their legs like the j-setter dancers and sexually pumping their behinds back and forward in and out like you see stray dogs doing while having sex... when you see this and consider how pervasive it is along with noticing all the other sexual routines and gestures, we are headed for destruction. It is degrading, demoralizing, and demeaning or whatever word you can use to describe this negative behavior. The message it sends is, "how sexy I am in bed", "how good I can pump and twitch and wiggle my behind during the sex act".... The message that it sends is "I am a fornicator", "I am a whore", "I am a slut". Why would educational institutions want to put high school and college boys and girls on display like this. There is no shame no outrage; they see nothing wrong with this. The people and educational administrators in leadership have been morally desensitized. They have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The Scriptures commands us to glorify God in our bodies. This absolutely does not. There are those who see nothing wrong with this... That's understandable because the Scriptures says, men are condemned and poised for judgment because they love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil. The devil's strategy is to convince those that are prone to darkness that there is nothing wrong with sin. He did that to Eve in the garden. They love the hip hop darkness and evil... they love the darkness, sexual lust, and hoochie mama-ism of satanically inspired Beyonce. She is a minister of Satan to promote and influence sexual lust. They see her and others like her as positive role models... How sick, misguided, and warped.

Because of what they called negative stereotypes, The NAACP influenced the taking of the Amos and Andy CBS TV series off the air which was in no way as bad as the NAACP image award nominees and recipients of today. Is the the NAACP as an organization a hypocrite? Have they lost touch with values which contributes to the demoralizing of our young blacks? According to Kirkland R. Burke the NAACP owes CBS an apology regarding the Amos and Andy TV series of the fifties.

I have not seen this sexual pervasiveness so far at predominantly white high schools and from what I understand it is not tolerated at many of these schools. I was told by a black educational school leader in a large city that white band directors where blacks are present do not allow them to brings this type of sexually provocative dance routines into the mix.

The purpose of cheerleaders and band is to get the crowd to cheer and make noise as a hope to get the football players adrenaline flowing and momentum going in an effort to inspire the players to play harder. It's about the game on the field of play. It is not about the girls and guys as cheerleaders and band members to perform and arouse the crowd's sexual appetites or to perform in such a sexual manner so that she or he might get discovered so that they can get big money to become a star at a hoochie mama club or a hip hop video or even a scholarship. Any one who uses the argument that this is the black style and black entertainment (BET) is misguided and sick. It is indeed the case of those black sinners who are lost and awaiting judgment day along with those sinners of other races, But not all blacks, particularly those who are following the righteousness of God in Christ support this. For them, this style and entertainment is unacceptable.

There has to be a mechanism that promotes accountability. In my small way I can choose not to associate with people who allow and tolerate a pervasive and demoralizing activity that aid and abet an activity that contributes to 72% of black babies born out of wedlock... a tragedy! It's a simple solution. The black educational institutionas can make a rule or policy that lewd and lacivious dancing and routines that is sexually provocative is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. A mechanicism can be put in place to help regulate and monitor this and come up with good clean and fun entertainment alternatives. This will help produce better boys and girls who understand the value and importance of respecting and honoring the woman and girls understanding the importance of carrying themselves with dignity.

If we don't fix this judgement day is coming. My job is to warn the sinner and those that tolerate the sinners actions in his or her sins.

Elijah Mondy

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