Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Troy Davis Application for Stay Denied by U S Supreme Court; Execution Imminent

JACKSON, GA --- After more than 20 years of legal wrangling, the Troy Anthony Davis legal saga is nearing its deadly end. The United States Supreme Court has denied what is now being called the final application for stay of the execution warrant. The Supreme Court considered the application and the response by the State of Georgia over the course of nearly five hours. During that time, a temporary stay, was effectively in place pending a decision from the court. The five hours of deliberation seems long in light of the paucity of information presented to the court and the brevity of the order denying the stay.

In essence, the application was made to Justice Clarence Thomas, who is the justice for that particular circuit of the Federal Court system. He then submitted the application to the entire court. Then, apparently, the members of the court considered the petition and less than five justices were willing to stay the execution and once again consider Troy Anthony Davis' plight.

In Georgia, the prison officials began, upon hearing of the order, readying again for the execution. Several witnesses, including media and family of the victim, will be allowed to witness the lethal injection as it occurs. No details were provided as to how long Mr. Davis remained on the gurney prior to the stay being lifted.

In a matter of moments, Troy Davis will become the second man executed on September 21, 2011. The first man was executed in Texas for a killing and dragging of a man in Jasper County, Texas about ten years ago.

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