Thursday, September 1, 2011

Helena's New Police Chief; 3rd Since December 2010

Helena's Law Enforcement Team
Mayor Arnell Willis, Major Ronald Scott,
Chief Uless Wallace and Former Chief Ray Price
HELENA-WEST HELENA ---- Colonel Fred Fielder retired as Chief of Police of the Helena-West Helena Police Department in mid-December 2010. He took the reigns following the retirement of long serving Chief Vincent Bell. Lee Reddix then took over as Interim Chief of Police and served from mid-December to January 5, 2011 when former Helena Chief, Mr. Ray Price was named Interim Chief of Police.

Chief Ray Price (Left)
Mayor Arnell Willis (Center)
and Chief Uless Wallace (Right)
Today, Mayor Arnell Willis  congratulated Chief Ray Price and praised him for stepping up when duty called. Willis presented Chief Ray Price with a plaque thanking him for his tenure as Chief of Police. Then Willis bid Price adieu. Next, Mayor Willis said "In the words of President John F. Kennedy, the torch has been passed to a younger generation." Willis heaped praise on the new chief describing his military background and stellar police service as reasons for him rising to the top of this eight month long search for a chief of Police.
Standing Room Only Crowd at City Hall

Uless Wallace, former sergeant with the Helena-West Helena Police Department and a man of a distinguished military background, was then presented to the standing room only crowd at city hall. Mr. Wallace was given an opportunity to speak and began by thanking "His Lord and Savior, the people of Marvell, Arkansas including the current and former mayors . . . " Wallace then thanked Mayor Willis and many others for what has been done for him. Chief Wallace also introduced his mate, Ms. Sally Luckett.

Roy Covington, Ronald Scott, Jim Harrison,
Tommy Bivens, Dennis Cox and a citizen
In Wallace's remarks he pledged that a "change has come" to Helena-West Helena  and he and the department will follow and enforce the law. There were loud outbursts of applauds when Chief Price was recognized. There were louder and longer lasting applauds when the new chief, Mr. Uless Wallace was presented.

However, there were some detractors present. One of which accosted Mayor Willis and told him that he was wrong for this choice. Eddie Lee pledged to deal with Mayor Willis for this. Lee told others in the hallway that his guys on the council would overturn this decision. Those council members were unable for comment at this time.

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