Thursday, July 28, 2011

U. S. Marshals: Kicking Doors; Taking Names

U S Marshals, Arkansas State Police
and HWHPD Officers -- on the hunt
U. S. Marshals have made four (4) arrests today in Helena-West Helena in connection with the recent crime spree. The individuals have each been described as black males under 30 years old. Their names, however, have not yet been released.

The Marshals have kicked in doors at varying locations as they have searched for unnamed persons connected with various crimes. At least three homes were searched today.

U S Marshals at Corner of
Pecan and Adams along
with HWHPD and Arkansas State Police
Late this afternoon, the Marshals found a late model White Chevy Malibu with Texas tags in the downtown Helena area. The car stopped at an office building and before the occupants could exit the vehicle, it was swarmed by armed and ready U. S. Marshals. The White Malibu appears to have been a rental car with several bullet holes in the body of the car. The four occupants were handcuffed and taken away. However, these individuals have not yet been logged into the local county jail.

***The four individuals arrested today in downtown Helena have been released. The U. S. Marshals have permitted their release from custody. Their names are still being withheld at this time. They were apparently taken in for questioning and later allowed to leave. Arrest, by definition, means anytime law enforcement holds you and you are not free to leave of your own volition.

The hunt continues for Eugene Starr aka "BJ" for whom the police are searching continuously. Starr is wanted on an arrest warrant for capital murder involving the shooting death of Mr. Deven Williams on Monday, July 25, 2011. Should you have any information in this regard, please contact the local police department (870) 572-3441 or sheriff's department (870)338-5555.***

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