Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rattler In Custody in Dekalb County Georgia for Watkins Murder

Dekalb County Georgia Police Department made an arrest during the early morning hours today in connection with the murder of Mr. Charles Watkins, Jr. The suspect has been identified as Antonio Jamar Rattler. He is described at being a black male, 5'10" tall and weighing around 210 pounds. He is believed to have been born in November 1983. He was booked today into the Northeast Block of Section 7 of the Dekalb County Georgia Jail. His recorded charge is "fugitive from justice."

The Helena-West Helena Police Department had been looking for Mr. Rattler since shortly after the murder occurred. Several erroneous reports have been made about Mr. Rattler's whereabouts and even his condition. He was said to be in Missouri and Wisconsin. He was said to have died in a variety of ways.

Helena-West Helena Police Department's CID officers and others worked with the U. S. Marshals Office and law enforcement agencies across the nation to affect this arrest of the prime suspect in the Watkins murder. The marshals and deputies from Dekalb County arrested Mr. Rattler this morning at a home in Dekalb County after using sophisticated technology to track the movements of Mr. Rattler.

Mr. Rattler has not waived extradition at this time. That process will determine when he is returned to Phillips County, Arkansas to face these charges.

Mr. Watkins was murdered, execution style, on July 8, 2011. His murder was the second murder during that week. Ms. Crystal Rattler was murdered on July 4, 2011. Four young men are being held in the Phillips County Jail and stand accused of her murder.

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