Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Motorcycles Stolen; Gun shots Fired; One injured; One Dead

Deven Williams and his niece
Law Enforcement officials in Phillips County, Arkansas have their hands full. In the span of just three (3) hours, police officers dealt with domestic abuse charges.  City Treasurer and JP Patrick Roberson reported three of his motorcycles had been stolen. There was also a report of three (3) separate shooting incidents. The night shaped up to be extremely busy and wearisome. Tonight's city council meeting will likely involve questions and answers about crime, our crime rate, and our crime prevention methods being used by the 50 police officers on staff at the Helena-West Helena Police Department.

Williams' 1997 Grand Marquis LS
Roberson walked into the police department and made a report at 7:15 p.m.  Then about 7:45 p.m. police and citizens heard gunshots fired in the "Ladino Street Area."  The 911 switchboard was lighted with numerous calls to report "shots fired."

Helena-West Helena Police Officers fanned out to the area and found a 1997 Mercury Marquis with a shooting victim inside. According to police records, officers were on the scene within five (5) minutes of the first call and Pafford Ambulance arrived within ten (10) minutes. Unable to revive the shooting victim, Mr. Earnest Larry, Phillips County Coroner, was notified that he was needed at the scene at approximately 8:05 p.m.

Bullets entered "U" and Reflector  area of Trunk
and traveled through the back of Mr. Williams
The victim has been identified as Deven Williams, a 22 year old black male who lived on South 5th Street. Williams apparently suffered several gunshot wounds through the back. According to reports, the weapons were .380 caliber. Several bullet holes were in the back window, front windshield and side of the Grand Marquis. The right driver's side rear tire was shot flat as well.

Police found another vehicle near the scene which had keys in it but no driver. That vehicle is registered to Annie Blue or Antonio Robinson. It bears an Antique Car Tag and is a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice Classic which is blue in color. This vehicle was left at the scene with keys in the ignition. This vehicle has been seen making deliveries of pizza for the local Pizza Hut restaurant.

Speculation abounds as to what happened to Mr. Williams. One report is that a white male on a brown four (4) wheeler did the shooting. Another report suggests that Williams and someone had "words" earlier in the day.

113 Alan Street, Helena-West Helena
In a separate incident, several white males were seen in the area of Alan, Elm, and Aaron Streets during or near the time immediately following the Williams shooting. These guys had been summoned by the motorcycle owner to follow a "tip" that his stolen motorcycles were on or near Alan Street.

Phillips County Deputy Sheriff Conway assisted the fellows and conducted a permissive search of a residence on Alan Street and recovered one of the stolen motorcycles. Soon after the recovery of the motorcycle, the residence at 113 Alan Street was "shot up." One person at or near the 113 Alan Street residence is reported to have received a hit in the gluteus maximus, or the muscle of the rear end.

1015 Walker Street, Helena-West Helena
Less than five (5) minutes after the Alan Street incident, Helena West Helena Police received a call that 1015 Walker Street had been "shot up." No one was injured at this location.

Police department protocol requires that the Chief, Assistant Chief and Mayor be notified when events like this occur. Police records do reflect that those individuals were notified of the evening's events.

Ms. Colie McIntosh had not been notified by any "officials" as late as 10:00 p.m. last night  that her son, Mr. Deven Williams, had been shot and killed although department records reflect that this incident occurred around 7:45 p.m., positive identification had been made of Mr. Williams and his address is the same as that of his mother.

The map below is interactive. If you press on the "minus" sign, the map will become smaller and you can see the four (4) points of interest marked on the map.

View 113 Alan St in a larger map

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