Thursday, July 28, 2011

Does Coca-Cola Kill Sperm?

What a ridiculous question? Believe it or not, thousands of people have pondered whether Coca-Cola reduces a man's sperm count. Others have pondered whether Coca-Cola works as an ineffective contraceptive.

Being ridiculous does not keep these matters from being studied. has featured a story which can be called Cokelore: Sperm Killer. That story, which cites numerous authorities, found that coca and other sodas are generally ineffective as a contraceptive alternative. Interesting tidbits in the research found varying differences in effects depending upon which coke was used: Diet, Classic, New or Cherry. Pepsi was considered too.

The author suggests that the female, rather than attempting to use Coca-Cola, or any other drink for that matter, as a douche, should wash down a daily dose of birth control pills if she desires to avoid and unwanted pregnancy. In sum the rumor that Coca-Cola is an effective contraceptive has been ruled: FALSE.

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