Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anthony and Smith Arrested for Killing and Hiding Stephen Clement

The missing person case involving Stephen Clement, 43, officially became a homicide investigation Wednesday afternoon according a report from the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office.

According to our earlier report, Clement’s remains were found just south of Highway 44, in a wooded area south of Helena. The Phillips County Coroner's office stated that the body was sent to the state Crime Lab for a positive identification and to determine the cause of death.

Deshae Anthony, 33, and Brianna Smith, 20 became persons of interest and were questioned by the Phillips County Sheriff's office on Wednesday. Following the question of these two young ladies, Sheriff’s officials were reportedly taken to the scene where Clement's body was deposited on June 5 or early June 6, 2011.

After finding the remains and taking detailed statements from the two women, Sheriff's deputies reported that they were seeking to file capital felony murder, theft of property and tampering with physical evidence charges will be filed against the pair.

Phillips County deputies began their investigation on June 9 when Katie Akik, a friend of Clement, reported to Lt. James Mayfield that she had not seen or heard from Clement since June 5. Akik also reported that Clement’s vehicle, a GMC pickup truck, was missing.

On June 16, the PCSO received word that Clement’s truck had been located behind the Sand’s Motel on Highway 49. A large amount of blood and hair were found in the truck along with Clement’s wallet. Phillips County CID officers and Arkansas State Police Investigator Mike Middleton processed the truck. The truck was then sent to the state Crime Lab to be processed for evidence including latent prints, DNA and trace evidence.

On Wednesday, local law enforcement officials, acting on a court order, picked up the two suspects and transported them to a local doctor to obtain DNA evidence. After the evidence was gathered, Anthony and Smith were taken to the Sheriff's CID office to be interviewed.

While there, Smith gave a statement regarding the circumstances leading up to the death of Clement. Specific pieces of evidence were not provided, however, because the crime was allegedly committed in the pick-up truck, the deputies and the investigation, gather many pieces which, when compiled might present a clear picture of what likely happened on that fateful morning when Mr. Clement was killed.

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