Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HWH City Council Meets for 32 Minutes

HELENA-WEST HELENA- The Helena-West Helena City Council, with a large contingent of Ward 2 residents in the office for the second consecutive meeting, took no official action other than to adjourn at a 32 minute meeting Tuesday, the shortest meeting under the tumultuous tenure of embattled Mayor Arnell Willis.

Four member of the City Council were absent.  They were:  Eddie Clark, Joe St. Columbia, Larry Brown, and Marvin Jarrett.  Most of the business was tabled, including some requests from Jarrett and a condemnation ordinance.

There was brief discussion of a lawsuit against the city.  City Attorney Chalk Mitchell said that the lawsuit was in the early stages and that he would soon be filing a motion to have the City dismissed from the suit.

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