Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Banks Killing Parks; Willis Sits Idle and Does Nothing

The Deuce
Door ripped off at North Helena Park
HELENA-WEST HELENA- While riding through the city again the other day, staff of The Inside Scoop Online once again observed the continued deterioration of the North Helena/Cleo Dunnings Park under the substandard supervision of Willis's go-to man for the parks:  Anthony "King Deuce" Banks.

Under the leadership of his predecessor, O'Shea Burrell, the parks were on an upward trend.  North Helena had once again become a home to baseball with city leagues and Cougar athletics.  In just four months, Banks has managed to insure the Cougars stayed on the road.  He has allowed broken beer bottles to return as a mainstay to the picnic grounds.  He apparently doesn't know how to operate a weed eater.  He has allowed the bathrooms remodeled and made nice under Burrell to be ransacked because he simply does not know what he is doing. 

Bleachers caving in
Ever heard of a weed eater?
Banks-Neglected Landscaping at Pool House
However, Willis hasn't worried about qualifications.  His main worry isn't the children who used to could use the parks.  It isn't the athletes that used to could play games there.  It appears his main concern is satisfying a few vote haulers with patronage.  If it isn't, then Willis will fire Banks within five minutes of reading this and seeing these pictures.  There are more, but we just simply didn't have time to upload all of them today.

The direction of the parks under Banks

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