Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John or Jane Doe Dies in Violent Crash in Helena Crossing Area

Late last night a lone traveler on Highway 49 bypass was involved in a violent single car crash. The accident occurred between 10:30 p.m. and midnight. The accident is being investigated by the Arkansas State Police.

The location of this tragedy is just southeast of the Arkansas Tourist Information Center in the Helena Crossing Area of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. The vehicle was traveling southeast toward the Helena Bridge. The road just south of the information center bends more in a due south direction. The vehicle simply did not make the bend and left the roadway. The vehicle traveled between 200 and 500 feet from the point where it first exited the highway until it came to a final stop. The vehicle clipped two (2) highway signs en route to the tree that ended the course. Estimates of the speed of travel exceed 70 miles per hour. Helena West Helena Police and Fire officials were on the scene as was the coroner and others.

Neither the owner nor the driver have been identified at this time. The vehicle had an out-of-state tag on it and the tag information did not match the description of the Toyota Avalon. Clothing belonging to small children or toddlers were found in the rear seat and truck area of the car. As the photo shows, the vehicle was charred from the conflagration which occurred upon impact and explosion. As more details are made available, we will update this story.
Here's slideshow of photos from the scene and of the vehicle:

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