Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Banks and Willis Continue Presiding Over Parks Deterioration; Does Willis Care?

Banks Has Bleachers Falling Down Falling Down!  "Whatcha Talkin About Now Willis?"

HELENA-WEST HELENA- Arnell Willis ran saying he was the "Mayor for the Future of Our Community"  His vision for the parks was to discontinue the Burrell Program under Mayor James Valley and hire the notorious Anthony "King Deuce" Banks to be the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Banks had no experience. Banks had less education than his predecessor, O'Shea Burrell.  Burrell had the parks on an upward trajectory.  Under banks, the parks are in horrible shape.  Broken beer bottles and trash littered North Helena Park on a recent visit.  Perhaps those washed away in the flood.

Now you can see the bleachers above.  These bleachers were not in this condition when Banks took over.  This is just a sampling of the deterioration that has happened in the four months since Willis gave Banks the parks.

This isn't all the bad news coming out of the parks department.  A veteran golfer who asked to remain nameless for fear that Banks and Willis would retaliate by neglecting the golf course further said that Banks had the golf course looking like "a cow pasture."  One group that held a large tournament there last year has decided not to hold a tournament at the course this year because "it is embarrassing to bring people in from out of town to see that.  Willis and Banks are ruining what was a nice municipal golf course."

And don't forget the sordid allegations of the way Banks is alleged to like to talk to the girls at the community center.

Members of the City Council are concerned about this situation.  They have asked Banks to attend the City Council meetings.  Willis won't make him come and Banks hasn't shown up unless he has been hiding in Willis's office.

In short, Willis has turned the parks in the direction of the bottom of the toilet by hiring Banks.  If he cares about the children and families of this community who use the parks, he will fire Banks immediately.

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