Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Columbia's at it again; Calls Black Elected Officials "MONKEYS" *!^%$#$@

The Blue Arkansas Blog has posted an email from Joe St. Columbia which blames Helena's troubles on letting the "Monkeys in to run the zoo." See Helena City Councilman: (Black) City Officials Are "Monkeys" Running "The Zoo."

Of course, this is not the first occasion on which a city council member from ward two has made derogatory remarks about black folk. Jay Hollowell equated many of Helena's troubles with having an "Afican American Mayor." See Email Below:

Hollowell's email - a blog post.

Now we have Mr. Joe St. Columbia unabashedly calling African American political leaders "Monkeys." We have to wonder out loud, who saw this email and what response did they provide to Mr. St. Columbia? Did he get pats on the back? Did he make his email group proud? Really . . . what did they say?

The story is a distraction from the real issues pending in Phillips County, Arkansas. The City of Helena West Helena has millions of dollars in certificates of deposits. The City has thousands of dollars in a reserve out in Little Rock. The mayor expended $60,000.00 recently without blinking an eye and without council approval. The administration is operating the city without a budget which could result in serious consequences for some people; probably taxpayers.

The only question at this time is when is "enough, enough?" What should citizens do? What can citizens do?

Joe St. Columbia's home address is listed as 112 Bernice Street, Helena-West Helena, AR 72342. His phone number is listed as (870)338-3991. His email address is listed as pasquale@suddenlink.net which is the same address used to send the inflammatory email. He also peddles Tamales, known for causing diarrhea, on the parking lot next to Sear's on Highway 49 West (72390).

This story is a heartbreaker. The lyrics from an old disco song are "somebody somewhere told me this about you, baby, HEARTBREAKER." Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Humans are just like a glass of water, when bumped, whatever is inside is coming out. Apparently, Mr. St. Columbia has an ample supply of venom.

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