Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Willis Supporter Cedric Pride Sues Willis Over Budget CV-2011-42

Rev. Cedric Pride, aka Boonie, who happens to be an ardent supporter of Mayor Arnell Willis, has joined with John E. Hanley, James C. Frazier,and Howard Newsome in a lawsuit asking Judge Bentley E. Story to allow the city to operate without a city council.

The suit alleges that the council has failed to pass a budget. The council has met and passed budgets on January 31st, February 3rd, and February 7th. Mayor Arnell Willis has vetoed the budgets claiming that they are illegal because he did not present the budgets that were passed.

It is interesting that Willis has been publicly asserting that he will get a court order to operate the city and has now been sued by several of his ardent supporters. This filing sounds like a friendly lawsuit. It makes reference to two other lawsuits that were equally friendly except based upon different facts. The two cases cited by Attorney David Solomon involved city councils that refused to meet. Here we have city councils members who have met and passed three separate budgets. They have met and passed so many budgets that the lawsuit is out of date at the time of its filing. By the time this lawsuit was filed, everything it wished to fix had been addressed by a new budget.

Here is the full text of the Pride vs. Willis Lawsuit:

No court date has been made public at this time.

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