Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mondy Responds to McGruder's Biggest Fool Remark: Consider the Source!!!

A few days ago, Mayor Arnell Willis and local preacher, Julious McGruder, appeared on the NAACP weekly program on a local radio station. During that broadcast, McGruder called out Elijah Mondy, Owner of KJIW 94.5 FM, as the "Biggest Fool" in the area. The story was published on Sunday, February 6, 2011 (McGruder and Willis Program).

The Inside Scoop Online asked Brother Mondy whether he had heard the broadcast and whether he had any response to such statements. In another scoop, we have the response from Brother Elijah Mondy.

Remember the Chicken

Mondy said "My response is you have to consider the source." Mondy continued, "This is a man who calls himself a reverend and represents the NAACP, who a short while back got into a fist fight on the streets before witnesses with another pastor over chicken." The fight over chicken was laughed and talked about throughout the community. Worse than the chicken fight, "these men even threatened to get there guns to kill each other" said Mondy. We inquired about the local preacher's moral authority to lead on these political and social issues and Mondy responded "how can a so-called leader and reverend and a representative of the NAACP talk to young blacks about the violence and murder that's prevalent in black America?" Leadership must be credible.

A Cesspool of Ignorance

Mondy continued in his response, "the NAACP was once a great organization and served its purpose during racially turbulent times. With this type of representation of the NAACP it is another example especially in Helena-West Helena of how the NAACP is dysfunctional, irrelevant and out of touch with the times. While listening to that program over the air waves, you experience a cesspool of ignorance, hot air, disinformation and empty rhetoric by unlearned individuals. If they can't get better representation and a message that's more in focus with the times, then the NAACP in Helena-West Helena, AR should be disbanded."

Root Problem -- People Are Walking Away From God

We asked Mondy what he felt was the root of these problems that we are facing. He answered "there is an immoral and decadent crisis that is now facing the black man. When you consider that 70 percent of babies amongst blacks born out of wedlock and the staggering number of blacks expected to go to prison, the message has to change. Many times people in the black community cry that racism is the root problem no matter what the issue is." Mondy said "racism is not the only sin that is destructive. Blacks have to be morally and spiritually strong in order to take advantage and manage the opportunities that are right before us." Mondy continued and expressed his reliance on God saying "when we needed the Lord and called upon him, He answered and has delivered us from a lot of racially ugly things that was in the past. He has opened up doors of opportunity. Now many blacks, as they get these opportunities, are walking away from God and His commandments. What's happening in the entertainment industry is a perfect example."

We queried Mondy about the remark being made on an NAACP Program. Because these remarks were made in the context of a NAACP broadcast, how do you feel about the NAACP in general. Mondy answered "now concerning the NAACP generally, according to Dr. Burke, the NAACP owes CBS television an apology." Mondy continued, "during the mid-nineteen fifties the NAACP protested the Amos'n'Andy television show as stereotyping the black man." Mondy stated that the Amos 'n' Andy television show, while having its flaws, portrayed a loving black family with employed and responsible husbands and fathers. He then said that CBS caved in to pressure from the NAACP "CBS eventually canceled the show with many blacks feeling there was nothing really wrong with the show. Now the NAACP nominates and gives image awards to the worst kind of stereotypes: immoral and decadent entertainers that aid and abet the demoralizing of black men and degrade black women." People have to do a better job of holding leaders accountable, according to Brother Mondy.

When asked what are black people missing nowadays? Mondy went deep and said "blacks had the resolve and fortitude that brought an end to many racial institutions and practices but blacks have no resolve and fortitude to police and make accountable black people, many in the entertainment world, who present a product that's immoral and self destructive." It is time for people to "man-up."

People Are the Problem

In conclusion, we asked Mondy to address what he sees as problems plaguing our community and how those problems can be fixed. He responded "I put a business in Helena back in the late 1980's. What I have observed is Helena-West Helena's problem is a people problem. A community is only as good as its people and it is only as bad as its people. It's the people who have to wake up, get fed up and fix the problems. Otherwise the cycle continues."

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