Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mayor Willis & McGruder on NAACP Progam: Eljiah Mondy "Biggest Fool"

The rhetoric is heating up over the direction of our local city. Mayor Arnell Willis appeared on the NAACP program this morning. He spoke of the difficulties that he is having in governing the City of Helena-West Helena.  His remarks can certainly be taken in more than one way. However, it appears that he is saying that Larry Brown is not smart enough to do a city budget. He acquiesced (went along with) in McGruder's description of Elijah Mondy, Owner of KJIW FM Radio, as the "Biggest Fool" and he proclaimed that James F. Valley the former mayor is "running the city."

If the fact that this broadcast really occurred and these things were really said was not true, it would be funny. To be fair and objective to the mayor, we have the broadcast available to you in our podcast section of the Scoop Online ( Willis needs some truth serum and to show real leadership by working with ALL TEN council members not just the four that he likes. Furthermore, Willis should consider being a little less insulting since he needs six affirmative votes to get the pay raise that is at the root of this dispute.

One more thing, Willis made a statement that will live in infamy and probably cost the taxpayers money. He admits to violating the constitutional rights of various employees.

Here is the audio: 
(it will play on iTunes and most smartphones)
(we are working to get it converted to a *.mp3 file)


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