Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jarrett Releases Bank Register Showing $256,630.73 Spent Without a Budget

The City of Helena West Helena has been shuttered in what is a political budgetary dispute. Six out of ten city council members have, on three occasions, voted to pass a legal operating budget. The mayor, exercising lawful authority, has vetoed each of those budgets. He has, instead of shutting the city down completely, declared a self-created emergency and declared his right to operate his city until a budget he likes is passed.

Legally speaking, the mayor can hold out until he gets a budget he likes. However, for him to take that approach and be lawful, he must shutdown all government operations until the budget is passed. He cannot have his cake and eat it too.

Interestingly, Marvin Jarrett, Alderman for Ward 5, has disseminated a listing of the checks written since the city was shutdown by the mayor's veto of the 2011 Budget. Granted, most of these checks are for city employees and their previously earned payroll, this sum is still a staggering $256,630.73. These expenditures, without the lawful authorization by the city council, are illegal and subject to a possible Article 16 Section 13 Action for Illegal Exaction(Constitution of the State of Arkansas). Article 16 Section 13 Illegal Exaction lawsuits are brought to remedy unlawful spending of taxpayer dollars.

Here's a listing of the checks written by the mayor during the shut down:
Bank Register February 1-7, 2011


  1. It is a Shame the attempts that Valley, Bagely, Mondy and the "Valley six" are going to in attempts to uterly destroy this City. When the Mayor enacts an EMERGENCY CLUASE he can lawfully operate the day to day business of this city. For you to ENCOURAGE lawsuits simple shows the limits you are willing to go to in order to see him fail. The devil is a lie and the blood of jesus prevails. I bind you right now and you will NOT succeed!

  2. Where in Arkansas law do you find the mayor's authority to declare an emergency in order to operate a city without a budget? Show me the law and I will post it on this site with an apology to you although you have not disclosed your identity.

    By the way, while you are binding folk, I encourage you to encourage EVERYBODY in this to follow the law. When we are governed and govern ourselves as a "Nation of Laws" rather than a "Nation of Men" then we will see better things occurring.

    Finally, I have no desire for the mayor to fail. He is capable of making his own choices. His problem is, in part, that his advisors know less then him. He has not surrounded himself with people who can help him to succeed. That, again, is his choice. I provided the mayor with good solid advice. He has abandoned it and is way off script. That is probably why he has alienated many of his supporters.

  3. It has been said that the mayor has several employee who has felonies. Is this lawful or unlawful? As a concern citzen, I would like to know where could I find this information because the mayor has stated on seversl occasion that he would not be involved in anything illegal or is this another lie...