Friday, February 4, 2011

Jarrett Accuses Mayor Arnell Willis of Theft of Public Funds

The Helena-West Helena City Council met tonight at 6:00 p.m. There is story on the meeting itself being written by Andrew Bagley. Interestingly, Marvin Jarrett showed up in his long overcoat and his brief case. Jarrett has this austere look upon his face upon entering the council chambers.

Then, there was this:

Marvin Jarrett issued and circulated a press release condemning the actions of Mayor Arnell Willis who had just moments earlier called Jarrett out on the radio accusing Jarrett of being the problem on the city council.

Jarrett's press release is shown in full below:

This photo is a snapshot of the standing room only packed house for tonight's council meeting. Those standing behind the mayor had the privilege of entering through the mayor's private bathroom which connects to the city council chambers.

Flanking Mayor Arnell Willis and City Attorney, Chaulk Mitchell, are Tommy "Carwash" Cole, Anthony "King Duece" Banks and the one and only notorious Bobby Lee Jones or Bobby Jones Lee (vote delivery guy). Additionally, former West Helena Alderman Eddie Lee was on hand to provide advice to the city attorney.

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