Thursday, February 17, 2011

Council Receives Report on Salaries of Valley, Ramsey, Clash, Boone and Valley

HELENA-WEST HELENA --- At the city council meeting on Tuesday night, former Mayor James F. Valley appeared and presented the salaries of certain city employees for the city council to confirm their salaries. The state auditors each year confirm the payments made to certain officials to assure that there has been no overpayment.

Notably, these officials are in charge of the check writing and check signing process generally speaking. Valley's report included the salaries paid to former Mayor James F. Valley, City Clerk Sandra Ramsey, former City Attorney Andre Valley, former City Treasurer Michael Boone and Sandra Clash, Payroll Clerk. The report was prepared by Mrs. Sandra Clash, on January 3, 2011. The new administration had passed it over in previous council meetings in order to address more pressing matters.

Jay Hollowell, long serving council member from Ward 2, asked about Mrs. Clash being included in the report. He queried "why is she in this report?" Valley explained that she is the payroll clerk and perhaps the auditors wanted to assure that she had not overpaid herself. Hollowell summed up by stating "well everybody else in the report were elected officials and she's not."

Valley reported salaries were as follows:

2010 Michael L. Boone $31,608.20
2010 Sandra K. Clash $29,348.86
2010 Sandra P. Ramsey $65,387.52
2010 Andre K. Valley $71,300.06
2010 James F. Valley $99,645.02
2009 James F. Valley $99,645.02

The report included Valley's pay for 2009 and 2010 to show that there had been no change from 2009 to 2010.

Valley summed up the report and requested that the council propose a motion to adopt and approve the report such that the city does not receive any write ups from the auditors for the pay of these officials, employees and former officials. The motion was made followed by a second and on a roll call vote the council unanimously approved the report.

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