Monday, January 31, 2011

City Council Refers Vandalism of Alderman Brown's Property to Arkansas State Police

In the days leading up to final consideration of the now-failed budget proposal by Mayor Arnell Willis, Alderman Larry Brown's truck windshield was broken and the inside of his truck was vandalized.  At the meeting of the City Council on January 31st, the Helena-West Helena City Council voted 7-0 with three abstentions to refer investigation of that vandalism to the Arkansas State Police.

When the break-in occurred, a letter was left in the vehicle that exhorted Brown to vote for the Willis budget proposal.  After an apology for a different circumstance was offered by Willis to Brown at the meeting, Brown said, "It's funny that you say that if we don't vote for your budget then there will be consequences and after that my windshield gets broken."

When Jarrett offered the proposal to refer the investigation of the incident to the Arkansas State Police, Alderman Jay Hollowell questioned the need of such an action.  Willis also expressed reservations.  The debate ends with Jarrett justifying the request by saying to Willis, "None of this kind of thing happened until you came into the picture."

Hollowell was joined in failing to vote for the referral to the State Police by Aldermen Joe St. Columbia and Daniel Strickland.

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